Phoenix Family Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer in Phoenix
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Meet Ron

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The breadth of Ron’s experience encompasses roles as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, a representative of the poor as a public defender, and a trial lawyer in private practice. Throughout Ron’s career he has represented clients throughout a gamut of cases from civil actions to criminal prosecution and defense – from personal injury to contract law – and most importantly, Arizona domestic relations law. “Family law varies widely across different states in the U.S. It is essential that the family law attorney be thoroughly grounded in the complex and often changing laws of the state in which he practices.”

For more than 35 years, Ron’s experience has been exclusive to Arizona, and has encompassed literally thousands of cases. He offers to the client not only a breadth of experience, but an extraordinary depth as well.  He represents clients filing for divorce or separation. “As a sole practitioner, with a practice exclusively limited to Arizona family law, I have the ability to deliver service based strictly on the client’s needs, without external expectations that may be imposed by large law firms. I love the one-on-one commitment I can give to each individual client, and that I have the ability to offer flexibility throughout a variety of activities.”