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Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer

Representing Your Custodial Interests

Whether you are seeking child custody or child visitation rights, or whether you are seeking to prevent an abusive spouse from unsupervised visits, or whether you are seeking a modification of your child custody or visitation orders due to a significant change of circumstances, you want an experienced family law attorney representing your legal interests. Ronald Saper understands your plight, he understands Arizona law, and we understand the process.



Child Custody and Visitation

The resolution of child custody and visitation disputes requires divorcing parents to act rationally in their child’s best interests at a time when they are facing the overwhelming stress of divorce. Joint custody and sole custody, legal custody and physical custody, custody evaluations and modifications are terms with which a divorcing parent will become familiar. Knowledgeable advice and skilled representation from an experienced family law attorney like Ronald Saper can assist you in your pursuit of a fair custody arrangement.



Determining Proper Visitation Rights

One thing divorce does not change is your being a parent. Whether you develop a traditional visitation schedule or a flexible co-parenting plan, whether the arrangement is temporary or permanent, you can help make the time you spend with your children happy and productive. When questions regarding custody and visitation arise, an experienced family law attorney like Ronald Saper is the ideal source for competent counsel.





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How To Find Child Custody Lawyers In AZ


There are many factors pertaining to a child custody case in Arizona. These factors will all be weighed out and evaluated to ensure that the best interest of the child is represented during the proceedings.


When determining the custody arrangement between the two parents, the family courts will typically examine a variety of factors that pertain to each parent.


They will want a good understanding of each parent’s financial standing. They will want to understand the emotional role that each parent plays in the child’s life. They will want to ensure that the parents aren’t involved in any criminal activities or drug use. They will want to ensure that the child’s welfare is considered at all times.


It is advisable in Arizona to talk with an attorney regarding the children when you’re filing for a divorce. You’ll want to have an attorney that has plenty of experience in determining what is best for the children.


Divorce isn’t just heartbreaking for the parents, it’s also heartbreaking for the children. They are being divided between the two people most important to them in their world. Too often, parents lose sight of this and focus on their needs instead of the children.


There are several different ways that custody will be determined. There are also different forms of custody for children. You’ll have to determine which form will best suit the needs of the children involved and work towards an agreement that will be the ideal situation for the children.


Perhaps the more common custody agreement is for joint custody. Here, the children will reside primarily with one parent and visit the other parent. They will spend time during all school holidays with the other parent and some time in the summertime with the other parent.


Most parents opt for this as it allows both parents plenty of hands-on time with the children however, there are times that the parents will have to agree to switch things around for special school functions or family events.


Family courts will typically only be called in if the parents can’t agree on visitation schedules and other minor details. For this reason, it’s best if the parents can agree and arrange things themselves.


In Joint Custody, both parents should have input in the child’s education, religion, and medical care. The courts will have the final say on whether or not joint custody is doable but in most cases if the parents have already agreed it’s no issue.


Couples who aren’t married, yet share a child, may also wish to file some custody agreements in court. If this is the case, it’s wise to consult with an attorney and focus on the needs of the child. Many unmarried couples come to their own agreements, however, in cases where they can’t, it’s best to consult with an attorney and make some arrangements for custody, visitation and child support.


If ever there is a dispute regarding the custody, the parents must hire an attorney and go back to court to come up with a more equitable solution. Sadly, it’s not always easy and some parents wind up having to renegotiate the agreement. It’s important to always keep the child’s best interest in focus and not allow personal feelings to get in the way.


A judge will determine the physical and mental health of each parent and of the child.


The judge will also determine the child’s relationship with each parent.


Any other family relationships such as grandparents, siblings and the like.


Which parent is the primary caretaker of the child?


Has either parent ever been convicted or charged with child abuse?


Does either parent have a drug or alcohol problem?


If a parent has sole legal custody of the child, that parent will be the one to make all of the decisions regarding how that child is raised. That parent can request supervised visitation for the other parent as well.


If you’re in Arizona and getting a divorce, you owe it to yourself and your child to ensure that your child’s needs are all met. You’ll want to make sure that you find an attorney that can help you to wade through the custody issues and ensure the best interests of your child are met.


If you and your soon to be ex can’t agree on any of the details of custody, you need to hire an expert that can take this over for you and help you to devise a good parenting plan so that your child can be taken care of to the best of your ability.


There are many great legal services in Arizona and you can review them and find the best one that will suit your needs. Focus on what is best for your child and make sure that you have all of the proper information to guide you.