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Choosing an Experienced Divorce Attorney

When separating spouses contact divorce attorneys in Phoenix, one or both may expect a contentious process. This is because the Phoenix divorce process is not unlike everywhere else. It is an emotional time involving feelings that range from disappointment to confusion to anger. Worse, key decisions affecting the financial future of you and your children are played out in a court, surrendering hugely important decisions to a judge.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are different ways to file for divorce, providing options for the nature of your marriage dissolution. In simplest terms:

• Contested divorce: In Phoenix, this is when one spouse either disagrees with the divorce itself, or the terms of child custody or division of assets and debts.
• Uncontested divorce: In Phoenix, as the name implies, when you file for divorce and both spouses are in agreement on the break up as well as asset and debt distributions and child care arrangements, it is an uncontested divorce.
• Collaborative divorce: In Phoenix, a divorce attorney should always offer clients this option, because it looks at the comprehensive picture of marriage dissolution and tries to identify the best outcomes for both parties and the rest of the family.



Why select a Phoenix collaborative divorce?

The collaborative approach manages the divorce process from a multidisciplinary standpoint. In Phoenix, divorce is not just about finances, not just about child custody and not limited to a one-dimensional set of emotions. It is all of these things and more, and each challenge needs the expertise of different professionals, which should include the following:

• Attorneys representing both parties, committed to the collaborative process
• Collaborative divorce coaches, one per spouse
• Financial specialist, one working neutrally regarding all financial considerations
• Childrens representative, working on behalf of their best interests

The process must be agreed to by both parties from the outset as a fair, balanced and neutral approach. When filing for divorce in Phoenix, this may prove to be a cost-effective process, however it should not be pursued purely on the basis of cost savings. All participants are essential, and the professional services of all coaches and specialists need to be engaged. It may not make sense to dispose of one specialist or another for cost-cutting purposes. The collaborative process has to be holistic and comprehensive.

If the collaborative approach proves unworkable, a standard Phoenix contested divorce remains an option. Initial discussions of a collaborative divorce may also yield an uncontested divorce in Phoenix, when the separated spouses find they largely agree on terms of the dissolution. Anywhere in Arizona as much as in Phoenix, an uncontested divorce may be the beginning point, but feelings and expectations could change mid-process. The collaborative divorce might be the better place to start.



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