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Saving You from the Hassle of Post-Divorce

Divorce is one of the most heartbreaking and stressful in a person’s life. Seeing your marriage fall into pieces is tough, as well as facing the emotional and financial impact it brings to your family. With divorce rates rising, it is a must to hire someone who has expertise at divorce mediation in Arizona.

The intricacies of managing the properties, alimonies and child support at post-divorce make it hard to entrust your case with inexperienced lawyers. That being said, Ronald A. Saper, P.C. is not just an average firm but also the go-to expert when it comes to these cases. We have already built our reputation in divorce mediation in Phoenix, making us one of the best firms in the area.


Ronald A. Saper, P.C. vows to represent you in all aspects of divorce in Arizona. Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice while avoiding litigation in most cases. We have expertise in advocating on your behalf in the following areas:

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  • Child Custody
  • The children carry the most of the impact in a divorce. You will likely argue with your former partner as to who will keep them, or how are you going to spend time with them. The courts of Arizona have rules to ensure equality as much as possible. If you need legal services in this matter, we provide top divorce mediation in Arizona.

  • Child Support
  • Whether you will receive or pay for child support, contact someone who can give divorce mediation in Phoenix. The Arizona government has provided the calculations but we can guide you through the guidelines of child support.


Aside from child support, alimony is given to avoid the unfavorable economic consequences of divorce. Courts decide on how much will be granted, so you need to seek divorce mediation in Phoenix whether you will pay or receive it.

Divorce cases are complicated so we only hire competent individuals who can tackle the subject completely. You have had enough stress the moment you decided to get divorced. Leave divorce mediation in Arizona to us as we commit to resolve things fairly and amicably.

Not all people who go through divorce seek revenge from their former partners. Most of the time, you just want to settle everything as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on your family. With this in mind, our attorneys have highly specialized knowledge to take care of your needs.
family. With this in mind, our attorneys have highly specialized knowledge to take care of your needs.

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Ronald A. Saper, P.C. is trained to handle cases by going through all the applicable laws in Arizona. We sort through alternatives to preserve civility, privacy, and long-term cooperation then come up with mutual agreement that’s beneficial for the both of you. Your relationship does not end after the divorce, as the long-term welfare of your children may be at stake.

Our lawyers will help you identify your priorities and pursue legal procedures to achieve those. Needless to say, rest assured that we keep your privacy at the maximum.


If you are looking for topnotch divorce mediation in Arizona, then you should hire Ronald A. Saper, P.C. Our team has the best divorce mediation attorney and we assure your satisfaction with our services. We work hard so your divorce ends up smoothly. Call us now! We are more than ready to assist you.


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