Many people don’t understand what custody (now called Legal Decision Making) really means under the law. It simply specifies which parent has the authority to make decisions related to three issues:



          -Medical care

Legal Decision Making has nothing to do with the amount of time the child will spend with each parent. The division of time is dealt with separately under the heading of Parenting time.

Parenting Time

Courts desire that both parents remain active in their children’s lives and will determine the time that children will spend with each parent, including holidays and vacation time. This is an area where conflict frequently arises.

It is my responsibility as your attorney to effectively represent to the Court your beliefs about what is best for your children.

Child Support

In issues of child support the Court follow a specific formula to determine the level of financial support. However, that formula is initially dependent upon the Court being provided with the realistic income of each parent, regardless of whether or not they are currently earning that income or whether it should be attributed to them.

Key considerations include parenting time, medical costs and daycare expenses.

Child support is obviously extremely important in assuring that each parent contribute the appropriate amount. As an experienced child support lawyer, it’s my job to be sure that the Judge receives the most accurate information possible.