By limiting my practice solely to Family Law, I have been able to develop extensive expertise in the complexities involved in the issues of divorce, paternity, custody, and child and spousal support. Because I am a sole practitioner, you can be assured that you will work directly with me in handling every aspect of your case, rather than dealing with less experienced associates often employed by large firms.

My thirty-five plus years of practice have given me experience not only with the practice of Family Law, but with the many judges to whom your case may be assigned. If your marriage has been one of sufficient duration with a disparity of income, there may well be a claim for spousal maintenance, and it’s important that your attorney is clearly familiar with exactly what information your judge needs to make that determination.

I represent men and women Family Law actions, and if necessary, actions to enforce previously entered Court orders. In Divorce (Dissolution) actions, the matters that regularly arise include child-related issues as well as a division of the assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage, which, in Arizona, are considered community property.  I also handle paternity cases (where the parents are not married) to establish appropriate orders with respect to the children and that of support.

In all matters, I work diligently with you to attempt to reach an amicable settlement. If this is possible, it will clearly minimize the time and effort required as well as the stress for everyone involved – but unfortunately this is often not the case. In the event that the parties disagree on any issue, that issue will eventually be decided by the Court. As your attorney, it is my job to assure that the appropriate information is obtained, utilized and presented to the Court in a that maximizes its impact and allows it to be included as key evidence.

Experience translates into efficiency, and unfortunately, no Court action is without expense. Over the past thirty years, being able to handle my clients’ cases efficiently helps to save my clients substantial money. I understand that sometimes cost will impose a financial strain on each party, but the results that are achieved in your case will form the basis for your future, because if there is a bad result, it’s something that may not be changeable.




The decision to hire a lawyer is the first encounter many of my clients will have with the law, and the uncertainty about multiple, complicated issues can make people understandably apprehensive. During our first visit, I will help you become familiar with the entire Court process, including what hearings will be held, and the amount of time likely required to complete your case. I want you to be as knowledgeable as possible about the process so that you can participate in the decisions that need to made in your case.

In my experience, the more you understand about what is happening and how each step affects the ultimate outcome will help minimize stress associated with so many unknowns.

In making decisions about what efforts to take in your case, I try to balance the cost involved with what you can expect to get as a result of expending time and energy. I do not pursue avenues that do nothing more than increase the expense for the parties while adding nothing to the overall outcome.

You can be assured that I’ll communicate with you to keep you up to date on the status of your case, including copying you with everything that may come in related to your case as well as whatever I produce on your behalf.

Also during our first visit, I should be able to give you a fairly accurate prediction as to what the ultimate outcome is likely to be.

It is my job to produce for you the best possible result based upon the facts of your particular case and in every case, I look to deal with what is best for the children, as well as to achieve for my client a fair and equitable division of assets and liabilities.